Sunday, May 28, 2017

All children should walk to school

All children should walk to school

At H.D.S a few students walk to school but others go to school by vehicle. Every student at HDS should walk to school.  I  agree that students must walk to school.

Experts in the field, the University of Toronto,  says that younger school aged children aren't getting enough physical exercise.  Therefore, children should be walking to school and they will be getting enough exercise.

Overtime we have come to know that the Bedford council has said that if all children start walking to school instead of  driving, there will be less air pollution because there are not as many cars on the road.

Stuff  will tell you that if children walk to school, they can walk with family and friends because then they will have more company instead of going in the school bus.  

I am absolutely sure that I have completely argued that all children should walk to school. If children walk to school more often, they can get plenty of exercise. There will also be less air pollution and not many vehicles will be on the road. My last reason is that children can walk with their family and friends so that they will have more company. Now I am very  sure that now you know why all children should walk to school.

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  1. Layadri, you are beginning to include persuasive language in your writing. Well done. - Mrs T