Thursday, October 19, 2017

The beach

The refreshing smell the lovely green elegant trees in the wet forest. A scent of salty water tickles my nose and a strong smell of the cold wind hits me. Brrrr! Sweet aromas of chocolate ice-cream makes me feel hungry.

A gentle breeze slowly lifts the abrasive sand pushing it effortlessly. Slowly a group of waves rush up between my toes and retreats back. Salty water flows and washes the sand of my feet. Suddenly, a ray of sunlight hits my face strongly. Warmth from the sun radiates on the sun as I walk gently when slowly a gust of wind lightly pushes it away.

There’s nothing better than strolling on the beach and eagerly wanting to jump in salty waves when your parents hold you up. I love smelling the fresh air and playing games with my family like beach ball and building sand castles. I collect extraordinary sea-shells and carefully paint  and decorate them. They become shinier than a glimmering emerald. I never want to leave the beach! What do you do at the beach?

This week we wrote a description about the beach. I liked how I used words I don't use often.

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