Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Butterfly life cycle

   Life cycle of a butterfly

Metamorphosis is when a creature changes it’s form. Butterflies, cicadas, moths and frogs all live within a life-cycle. A life-cycle is when a living creature’s life repeatedly. Let me explain the life-cycle of a butterfly.

                                                          Egg stage  
The life of a butterfly begins with the egg stage. Butterflies lay eggs in safe hidden places like underside a leaf. A female Monarch lays hundred of tiny eggs. The eggs are tinier than a tip of a pencil or like the size of a sesame seed. It takes a few days for the egg to hatch. Once the egg has hatched, It eats the egg to get out.    
                                                      Caterpillar stage
Then hatches a little baby caterpillar. They are the size of a worm when they are born but very long. Caterpillars are also known as a larva. They eat their way out of the egg. They can be 100 times bigger than when it had emerged because they have a big appetite. As it gets bigger caterpillars shed their skin about 4-5 times. This is called molting.
                                                            Pupa stage                                                                             
After that, caterpillars are ready to make a pupa. They use twigs and make them in safe hidden places around host plants and spin silk. Caterpillars then curl into a “J” shape. It takes a few weeks to several depending on their species. Sometimes a pupa is see through and others are web like.

                                                          Butterfly stage
Finally, out comes a beautiful butterfly. But the wings are still quite small.  The wings are also are wet, damp and soft at first, so the butterfly needs to wait until the wings are dry and fluid is pumped into their wings. Butterflies practice flapping and working with the wings so they are ready to take of. They are also called an Imago. Butterflies spend their time drinking nectar as food.

It is important that the butterfly keeps laying eggs otherwise it wouldn’t be a life cycle.

This week, room 8 are learning about metamophisis. That means change. Like butterflies. They live within a life -cycle.

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