Thursday, March 15, 2018

The magical Anticorn

 The magical Anticorn

The magical Anticorn smells like fresh fragrance flowers and her fluffy rainbow tail has
a scent of grapes and strawberries. She is half unicorn and half antelope. Anticorns have
a  rainbow mane that smells like cupcakes. Her soft skin is shimmering purple. This shy
little creature is very fuzzy. Her eyes are like crystals. Anticorns have horns that are
invisible so woodcutters won’t chop them off. Her horns can form a shape,
that’s why they are magical. Her magical, rainbow tail creates cheerful rainbows to
make little children happy. Her hooves are the colour of a shimmering gold.
They live in the forest with butterflies.

Whenever the Anticorn is scared, she makes a “whinny” sound. She trots elegantly
flicking her main side to side, showing off her eye popping hooves, mane and tail.
This marvellous creature is very quiet so it is hard to spot her.
She drinks water and eats rose petals.
Although as a special treat, she likes to lick rainbows as popsicles.
The Anticorn may be shy but has a way for everything.

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